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Father of an Eager Leader Alum, 2020

“Lauren was a terrific positive influence for my son. He was excited to join each session of this class and eager to practice and share what he learned with everyone afterwards. Lauren has infectious enthusiasm and respect for everyone’s abilities. I’m thrilled she’s sharing her approach and insights with kids who might not otherwise encounter this kind of training and focus.”

Talia Bahatt (Eager Leaders Alumnus(

“It was cool to see the impact and power that we had during our community service project. What we got in the end showed that you don’t have to be an adult to do something important.”

Lubna Hussain (Mother of Eager Leaders Alumni)

“Lauren made service and leadership training so much fun for my girls. She is a true activist and has amazing energy to help others.”

Eager Leaders Alum

"I thought the classes were very informative but they were fun, too, and I learned a lot! I can even use my new skills in school!"

Vanita Pandey (Mother of an Eager Leaders Alum, 2020)

“Lauren was such a kind and enthusiastic teacher. She created a safe, comfortable, and fun virtual learning environment where each child could grow. Moreover, Lauren emerged as a great role model for my daughter to show what a strong leader looks like. This class was unique in that it went beyond teaching just leadership and helped kids learn how to build something from the ground up that is bigger than themselves.”

Raphaele Gerber (Mother of an Eager Leaders Alum, 2016)

“My 10 year old daughter and her school mates were very fortunate to be part of the program.  Lauren drove the group of  kids from very diverse backgrounds (country/race/ religion/age) on major reflections. She engaged every single child in various ways (acting, playing, writing, drawing) and could always find ways to make everyone feel very special, emphasizing the positive qualities in each of them. She collected nothing but extremely positive feedback from students and parents.”

Sarah Kerseg (Mother of an Eager Leaders Alum, 2017)

“Lauren’s energy, positive attitude, and commitment will have a lasting impression on our children and for that I am very grateful.”

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